From the Latin aura, and this from the Greek αὔρα aúra, derived from ἄειν áein 'blow'.

1. female Soft and gentle wind. Used more in poetic language


With more than 15 years of history, "Aura Sabates i Complements" is a physical store located in the city of Sueca (Valencia) in Sant Cristòfol Street, 18.

It was created by me with the vocation of being a "soft and gentle wind" that would bring freshness in the footwear offer for women from this city in the province of Valencia. This spirit has always been maintained, taking great care of the selection, offering a different product of recognized spanish and international companies, with exclusive designs and manufacture with the highest quality standards.

The web store was born with the same objective. A personal selection of women's shoes, not very extensive, but suggestive.

All the product images of the web are of own production. I hope you like them.

Silvia - Aura Sabates i Complements